How to See the Film

Enter your email address below and you will receive an auto-reply with instructions on how to watch the film. It's that easy.

The The Hobbit Abridged is currently available to download in 1080p High Definition quality and stereo sound. In the future, it will be available as a DVD. I will also work on producing subtitle files.

How will you use my email address?

I won't. I don't want your email address. Submitting your email address will trigger an auto-reply with the download instructions. And then your email will be deleted.

Why require email at all then?

While this cut is meant only as a fan tribute to The Hobbit trilogy, I do not want to enter into legal questions arising from directly linking to a copy of my cut.

I really won't end up on email lists?

No, no, you will not. I don't want your email address.

Can you let me know when updates are available?

Sorry, for better or worse, I'm not making any email lists. I will update the front page of this site when new material (DVD, subtitle tracks, etc.) is available. Thank you for the interest!

More Features

Can you render a version with surround sound?

Kdenlive does not currently support surround sound.

There are work-arounds described online, but they require actions to be taken before performing the edit. However, it may be possible to write a script that generates a kdenlive-formatted file of each audio track that include the proper cuts.

If this sounds like a project you would be interested in assisting with, please contact me.

Kdenlive is planning a new version release that will be extendable to new audio options not currently supported. It may be that surround sound support will be enabled in the future.

What about subtitles?

I plan to extract the subtitle files I have and try to use the kdenlive cutlist to edit them together (in an automated way, probably with python). I have full subtitles files of all three films in English and Spanish. I also have subtitle files of An Unexpected Journey and Battle of the Five Armies in Swedish, Polish, and Dutch.

If you are interested in helping with subtitles and have access to subtitle files in other languages, please contact me. I will need subtitle files for the theatrical release of An Unexpected Journey and Battle of the Five Armies and the extended edition of The Desolation of Smaug.